In-Flight Skincare Tips

You're 7,000 feet in the air and the last thing you're worried about is your under-eye bags. Although in reality, this is the best time to be on high alert in regards to your skincare. Did you know that water evaporates 50% faster in-air than on land? Now that you do, you can take proper preventative measures.  

Try applying a moisture rich serum before your take-off. It will help lock in extra moisture and keep your skin quenched for that long-haul flight. Don’t be afraid of looking like the crazy person with an in-flight skincare regime either, just try to keep products scent-free to avoid any trouble with sensitive noses.

Your SPF is just as important as ever. The LED lights on the plane are not doing your skin any favours, and if you’re flying during the day, the sun is literally glaring down at you. If you’ve got the space, pack a travel-sized face mist to combat dehydrated skin.

Prior to landing, you can't go wrong with a sheet mask. These second skin face, lip, and eye masks will hydrate intensely and deliver some pretty powerful antioxidants to reduce inflammation and restore radiance back into the skin.  

Now that you've endured your long haul flight, your skin should be in tip-top shape and you'll be ready to enjoy your destination.  

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