Kiss N Tell | Janette Ewen, Décor and Lifestyle Expert

Radford Team @ 2017-10-12 16:57:52 -0400

Janette's budget-friendly, creative and original approach to design has set her apart in the design world for over a decade. She uses magazine, newspapers and television to share her passion and original approach to design.  

She is a regular on many TV programs across the country such as, including Canada AM, CityLine, Breakfast Television and Urban Rush. She also co-hosted with Ty Pennington on W Network's Inside The Box.  

Design transcends style. It's about adapting to our functional, emotional and psychological needs. From the delicate packaging, to the logo, to the unique dispenser on your favourite serum, design is everywhere. Both the design and beauty industries are about creative, unexpected solutions to make our lives more beautiful and hopefully a little bit easier. Design and beauty give us energy and make us feel good. What's not to love?! 

Some people are going to think I'm crazy but the most thrilling part of my job is travelling. Even though I'm often in five cities in one week, I never get tired of it. If I'm in one place for too long I start to go a little stir crazy. The other reward for me, would have to be seeing my designs and projects come to fruition. It's a labour of love and often things will go awry but in the end there is no better feeling. Having people come up to me and tell me they love my furniture, products or spaces totally makes my day and all of the hard work worth it!

During the day I usually have TV makeup on. I start by doing my makeup in the morning and then the show's makeup artist will usually add more eyeshadow, concealer and powder. By late afternoon it starts to feel a little heavy. I usually wipe it all off or just leave the eye makeup. From there I will either get into my masking routine or reapply my base if I'm going out. I actually prefer a lighter foundation that allows my skin show through. If I don't have TV or important meetings I am au naturel. I like to give my skin a break as much as possible.

Before a live TV appearance, I always try to get in a good nights sleep. The most important thing for me is to be punctual and be prepared. I'm a stickler for being on time so I always arrive at least an hour early, incase any disasters occur. Then I set up and recite my lines until it's time to go live. 

I have been diligently moisturizing since the tender age of five, drenching myself in vaseline from head to toe. From there I became obsessed with Allure magazine and promptly started my skincare regime with regular washing, toning and moisturizing. Sadly it's only been in the last five years, that I started religiously using sunscreen. Nowadays when it comes to my beauty routine, more is more. I mask every single day, sometimes twice and I love my gadgets! If there's a new product on the market, I've tried it!

I think my most memorable makeout story was the most recent one I had. I was on my first date with my new beau. He started as a friend and I’d been smitten for some time. I had just met with Victoria Radford the night before and she presented me with my lip gloss. Three nights later I kissed my crush with my gloss on.. I don’t think life gets much better than that..


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