Kiss N Tell | Mia Parres, Designer

Mia Parres is a Toronto-born high end residential designer, and HGTV host. She is also a super close friend of Radford, and an all-around amazing human. We sat down with her to discuss her new home in the Cayman Islands, and what beauty products she couldn't leave home without. 

I’m inspired every day by my surroundings. I really believe you can find inspiration in your every day, whether it’s in your travels, your work, your relationships, inspiration is always around us. For me, a lot of my current inspiration comes from the new island I live on, Grand Cayman. Living on our island, you meet such interesting international people with such fascinating stories, which really gives you a global perspective and makes your perception of the world change and evolve constantly. I also love finding inspiration in a morning cup of coffee, a beach walk, a sunset and dreaming about the future. 

I always knew that I wanted to be in the design world, it was really a matter of figuring out where design fit in my life and where I fit in the world of design. Growing up with a father who is a theme park architect, I was always inspired by the many hats and roles you can take on in design. At one point, I wanted to be an architect myself, and then I really discovered interiors while living in New York City. I think it’s important to try on as many of those hats as possible when you’re younger so that you can really be sure you’ve chosen your perfect path.

I have really evolved my beauty routine over the last few years. I have always been a moisturizer gal (I thought that was all I needed to know and do!), but I didn’t realize there was so much more potential to be unlocked. I guess I had always been intimidated by how large the beauty world was and stuck to what I knew and what I liked. But when I really sat back and thought – how do I protect my skin now so that later I am happy with the choices I made and like the way I look? – everything really changed for me. And by that I mean, the things I eat became important, my beauty routine became important, and researching products became important for me. Now I have a full morning and night time routine that works wonders for me, and I’m always open and looking for new suggestions!

I think all of us want to be able to get ready as quickly and as efficiently as possible in the mornings. I believe that has a lot to do with your evening routine, the amount of rest you get, and of course taking good overall care of your skin with cleansers, serums and on-the-go Radford perfecting make-up. 

My go to beauty products right now are really quite simple – my cleanser, my Radford Coconut Oil, my vitamin C serum, my SPF + moisturizer, my concealer, and my hats (to protect me from the sun!). 

Kiss N Tell: 

My most memorable make out story would have to be when I was about 16 years old, and mid make out my boyfriend asked me “what are you thinking about?”…And I said “really?...well, perogies!”. I was hungry! What can I say!

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