The Mom Monologues: Mother's Day Beauty Advice

We understand that moms can be incredibly busy. Who has time to put on a primer AND a foundation when there's a toddler who desperately needs your attention?

Since Mother's Day is quickly approaching, we thought it would be nice to talk to some of our Mom friends and get their tips and best practices when it comes to super fast makeup and hair. 

BRENDA RADFORD, one of our favourite moms, shares her insight on what beauty means to her as a parent. 

Mornings can be tight, so a moisturizer that goes on the face, eyes & lips is essential. She also swears by eyelash extensions so she never has to do her eye makeup.

As far as beauty advice she would pass on, she says she's been following her daughter's lead for years now. Though, she did tell Victoria "less is more" when she started wearing makeup, and that beauty always radiates from within.

LAURA REID is one of our in-house moms who just gave birth to her second baby less than a month ago, which makes her beauty routine a little bit more strained.

She swears by Radford Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation, Amika Dry Shampoo & the infamous L'Oréal Voluminous Mascara. She's been wearing it forever and can't seem to find another mascara that she likes better.

As far as her day-to-day beauty routine, she says it loses it's precedence but still remains a priority. Having her hair and makeup done before she leaves the house makes her feel more confident and put together - even if she doesn't have it all together for the day!

AMBER WIGNALL is a model and mother of three young boys, so you'd think hair & makeup would be the last thing on her mind. You'd be wrong..

She'd be lost without her Bobbi Brown Concealer, which comes in handy on those sleepless nights and early mornings. Her Invigorating Night Gel by Ole Heriksen rejuvenates her skin overnight so her face is baby soft come morning. Lastly, Radford Vitamin C face oil creates the perfect base for her makeup application. 

She's no stranger to shortcuts in the morning. Using a tinted moisturizer mixed with Radford Primer and applying it like cream saves time from brushing it on with a foundation brush. Also dry shampoo is a favourite. Amber uses Marc Anthony Dry Shampoo which doesn't leave a white residue. She now only washes her hair once or twice a week which cuts down on the hair prep time in the morning. She's always been a ponytail girl so that hasn't changed much since entering mommyhood. 
The advice that Amber would give to a new mom is that "it's important not to be too hard on ourselves. We're only seeing the worst at that point in time because we're not feeling so great after giving birth to a newborn. Let the little things go.. add some concealer, mascara and a top knot and call it a day!"