Radford's Revolutionary Makeout Balm

Radford Team @ 2017-06-09 11:56:36 -0400

Is there anything worse than being in a super steamy moment and realizing you put on a matte, liquid lipstick that same morning? Nobody, and I repeat nobody wants to kiss someone with dry, bright-coloured lips. 

Realizing this, Victoria took it upon yourself to create a lip product that would satisfy both parties involved in the makeout session. Radford's Makeout Balm is an intensive lip treatment for smoother, fuller, younger-looking lips. The unique technology boosts hydration and collagen synthesis to banish wrinkles and build fullness and volume. 

The secret to getting you to first base? A subtle blue wash that makes your lips look brighter and your teeth look whiter. We've also laced it with mint to freshen your breath, so go ahead, eat that onion bagel. Get yours here