Radford's Visionary Women Lip Project

Radford is all about supporting and motivating positive, inspiring women. That's why we've selected three incredible women for our Visionary Women Lip Project. Based on each of their personal tastes and style, they have carefully curated their perfect lip gloss shade. 

What makes these three women visionary, you ask? 

Charm LaDonna (@charmladonna) - Having worked as a choreographer for artists such as Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, Kendrick Lamar and Gwen Stefani, Charm is no stranger to success. Getting to the top wasn't always so easy though, the Compton native relied on staying positive and focused to get through being raised in one of California's toughest cities. 

At 18, Ladonna got her big break, being selected to go on tour with Madonna after an intense audition process. She used the money she made from the tour to pay for her education at UCLA. Now an established dancer, credible choreographer, artist and actor, Charm is a true visionary in everything she does. 

Danielle Knudson (@danielleknudson1) - This Alberta-born model is more than meets the eye. With several Guess and Sports Illustrated campaigns under her belt, Danielle is represented by several different modelling agencies across the world. 

Victoria started doing makeup on Danielle when she was 17, and has been inspired by her entrepreneurial skills ever since. The model also spices it up the in kitchen by creating her own hot sauce recipes. She does everything in her career to her fullest ability.

Janette Ewen (@janetteewen) - As one of Canada's leading decor and lifestyle experts, Janette has been passing on her passion for design and fashion to fans for over a decade. Using magazine, newspapers and television to share her work, she has revolutionized the world of interior design. 

Known for her budget-friendly, creative and original approach to design, she is a regular on many TV programs across the country such as, including Canada AM, CityLine, Breakfast Television and Urban Rush. She also co-hosted with Ty Pennington on W Network's Inside The Box.  

Shop the entire lipgloss collection on August 5th. 


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