Gift Card for Custom Facial with Wand (4791719657609)


Gift Card for Custom Facial with Wand

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In support of our Radford family, we've launched gift cards for pre-paid services with our contract and commission based staff.  These gift cards will help bridge the income flow between now and when Radford is able to safely reopen. 

Please note we will add the gift card balance to your account in studio and pay out the staff immediately. Will not be shipping out physical gift cards unless requested.

Combining our award-winning custom facial with the Nanotech Wand, the addition of the Wand allows for further penetration of the treatment, taking our custom facial to the next level, providing medical results. The Custom Facial with Wand includes a deep cleanse and tone, our customized peel and treatment, the Nanotech Wand, and of course our 24k Gold Hydrogel Mask.

Thank you for your continual support of Radford and our amazing Team.